Jason from Yarrawarrah 18 yrs of age.

Jason has Down Syndrome & has been attending Twinkle Stars for about 5 years.

He loves performing & seeing his friends, and never misses a class. He also loves the holidays with his friends & the parents from the dance group. He loves it so much he is constantly playing the Dancing Concerts DVD’s non stop.

Jason was lucky to be part of the group when they danced in Disneyland USA, twice at Dreamworld QId as well as many other various concerts & performances.

It has extended Jason’s circle of friends & dramatically improved his social life. For us it has given us a fun support network & some really good friends, which makes it a whole lot more than dancing lessons.

I think Justyne & June deserve a medal or something for all the wonderful things that without them would not have happened.


Bob, Sue & Jason

Jeeth was diagnosed with Sotos Syndrome when she was little. Bubbly Jeeth has been attending the dancing school for more than 5 years now.

As a mother I have been looking for things to entertain her as she always enjoyed music & dancing. Dance school has been great not only for her to me as well.

The great friendship we have with other parents, the interaction the students have with each other, the social events like birthday parties, movie dates & of course the annual trip to Gold Coast & the trip to the Disneyland in 2005 has been the highlight so far. Jeeth looks forward for the annual concert where they perform to the best of their ability making every parent proud of them.

You can not compare the stars in her eyes on the day to any stars, as they will be shining brighter than any star. Every student will have the biggest smile on their face on that day. We all have become one big family, watching every move, every change, caring about every member of the dancing family.

Big thank you to Mrs. R & Justyne for the initiative.

Jeeth’s Mother

I have a 20 year old daughter who has Autism Spectrum Disorder. She has been a member of the Twinkle Stars Dance School for over 5 years.

Apart from the obvious advantages of exercise she thoroughly enjoys her dance class on Saturday mornings and she would be very upset if she had to miss them.

She has formed lasting friendships with many of the other members of this group and they often meet on other social occasions. I have also found the companionship and support of other parents to be invaluable.

We have travelled to perform in Disneyland in California and Dreamworld in Queensland which has been a very rewarding experience for all of us.

I can honesty say that her participation in this group has become a very special part of our lives.

Mother of 20 year old

I would just like to say that my granddaughter Kienwyn, who is now 10 yrs old, has been a member of the Twinkle Stars Dance School for six years since she was 4yrs old .

Kienwyn who has Moebius Syndrome – Facial Paralysis, has really enjoyed the time that she has spent with the dancing school, and looks forward to going every Saturday.

When any event comes along Kienwyn is the first to say she wants to join in. She has make many friends at dancing, but I must say it’s very special when the group goes away together, as everyone has time to bond and meet other people from the different age groups.

They had a great time away in Disney Land in Los Angeles, and it was very emotional to watch them all perform there, to see the joy on these kids’ faces brings a tear to your eyes.

And every concert that they perform in does the same it doesn’t matter if it is in our own Keller Hall or the Cronulla Leagues club they all enjoy themselves so much that it is so rewarding to Parents, Teacher, and Grandparents.

So a big thank you to Justyne, Mrs R, and Belinda.