My 17yr old daughter, Sarah, joined at 5yrs old. Sarah has Down Syndrome Sarah continues to love Saturday Dance & has rarely missed a class. She & her class are keen to learn the dance steps to the music they know. The Dance Studio is also a social group for Sarah. In a supportive & safe environment, she practices social skills. Justyne & her staff, encourage Sarah & have a great rapport with all the dancers. The teachers work with a range of people in age & ability, ably meeting the demands of creative individuals.

Twinkle Stars & Star Performers is a professional Dance Studio, with a concert staged annually & the additional opportunity for dancers to participate in Eisteddfods. During extended lockdowns, the Dance Studio launched engaging online Zoom classes, with full attendance by members. Justyne has fostered resilience in both her staff & dance students, to manage these challenging times positively & successfully. As a parent, I’d be lost without the wonderful network Twinkle Stars & Star Performers has created for my daughter.

Parent of student

From the moment that Maili joined Star Performers and Twinkle Stars, we were welcomed into a very special family. Dancing has provided opportunities to make lifelong friends and connections. We’ve enjoyed wonderful family trips away with Show Group performing in front of audiences afar and Maili has even been able to participate in Eisteddfods, something that we never thought was possible. Our heartfelt thanks go to Justyne, Mrs R and all the team at Star Performers and Twinkle Stars.

Janine and Maili

Aaron has been with Twinkle Stars for many years, we saw the first concert in a small hall in Caringbah, he joined the next February. He has made many friends, friends that he still enjoys talking to today. Aaron has been on every holiday that the dance school was lucky enough to organise, Queensland, Disneyland in LA, and numerous times to Hawaii. Concerts in September every year, he loves dancing, and getting into his new costumes, he puts his heart and soul Into every dance. His favourite is Grease Lightning, he just loves swinging those hips.

From Judith

Harry joined SPATS in 2020 and absolutely loves it. The fact that he is quadriplegic, in a wheelchair, and non verbal hasn’t been an issue. He’s totally accepted, indeed, the others don’t notice his disability – they relate to him, greet him, include him and talk to him just as they do to each other. He lights up when he sees his “Dancing Ladies”, especially Justyne.

He adores Justyne and if she can’t get a smile out of him then he’s having a very bad day. It’s lovely watching him dance in his own way, and now he’s started to pull away if I stand behind and move his arms for him. He especially loves the signing dances, and his reaction to ‘1000 Years’ is wonderful. Now that I’m his dance partner I’ve had to pay attention in class, but the students outshine me every time. Luckily I’m at the back so I can copy them! Saturday mornings have never been better.

Parent of student

If you had told me 10 years ago that my son would one day enjoy dressing in fabulous costumes of colour and sparkle then dance with joy and precision on the stage of the Sutherland Entertainment Centre with his peers, I would not have thought it possible. Star Performers and Twinkle Stars Dance Studio have enabled Lars to enjoy dance and performance, in company, and share that joy. Family and friends look forward to the annual concert almost as much as Lars. Thank you Justyne, Mrs R. and all the volunteers.

Parent of student

Thank you for all your hard work. I have seen performances from other dance groups for people with special needs. One in Eastern suburbs. Twinkle star definitely shine.The way you have organised the classes, the structure, music, routines, costumes and performances are very professional. These things have given Nicole confidence. She has learnt to follow direction and work as a team. Nicole loves dance class and the performances. Thank you for your hard work to make Star Performers so professional.

Parent of student

Star Performers and Twinkle Stars Dance Studio is amazing!

The students learn much more than dancing. They learn discipline, how to follow instructions, how to co-operate with each other all while improving their gross motor skills and co-ordination and best of all while having fun. The routines are developed to suit the students needs and abilities. They also get the opportunity to perform their skills at their annual concert, just like other dancers. I am a parent and physiotherapist, professionally I am always recommending the dance studio to my clients.


Hi Justyne,

Here is a testimonial I would be more than happy for you to use, Alison.

We are from the St George area and our son Jack began attending Star Performers & Twinkle Stars Dance Studio in 2010. Enrolling him was absolutely one of the best decisions we have ever made. He loves going to dancing every Saturday morning and especially loves preparing for and performing in the Annual Dance Concert. He has made many friends from his dance class and everyone involved in the studio is talented, friendly and welcoming. As a result of the impact Justyne has made on our family, our eldest son did a school assignment about her and how inspirational she is. We thank everyone involved in the Dance Studio so much for their hard work and dedication. We love being a part of Star Performers & Twinkle Stars Dance Studio!

Jack’s mother

It has been a wonderful journey to discover that my son could enjoy performing to a full house at Sutherland Entertainment Centre. He has participated in three concerts since joining Star Performers and Twinkle Stars Dance Studio.

Lars, who is 11yrs old, has autism, intellectual disability and Anxiety Disorder. The guidance and support he has received at the studio has seen him blossom as a dancer in a way I once thought was not possible. Our whole family appreciate that Lars has found an activity he enjoys attending on a weekly basis and that has so many positives for him. The dance classes promote his independence, confidence, physical and social development.

We are fortunate we live in the Sutherland Shire where the dance studio is located. Over time I have come to realize how unique the studio program is. Justyne and Mrs R, with the help of many volunteers over the years, have devised a teaching model that works well. The studio staff, students, parents and carers now feel like an extended family.

Helen, mother of Lars

One of the best decisions I have ever made for my daughter and I was to take the advice offered by a friend, who had just attended Twinkle Stars annual dance concert, to enrol our daughter Kirby with this dance studio. That was eight years ago and Kirby is very excited about the fact that in another two years she will receive her ten year badge.

Kirby looks forward to her dance lessons every week, she loves the modern music and dance routines that Justyne adapts for them so they can all manage some very complicated dance moves. The annual concert held at Sutherland Entertainment Centre is the epic event of the dance calendar; the students love to show off all the hard work done throughout the year culminating in the audience being able to witness and enjoy all the fantastic dance routines presented to them. Kirby also looks forward to dressing in the fabulous costumes made for her and having her hair & makeup done, her self-esteem and confidence has improved greatly over the ensuing years.

Star performers and Twinkle stars is more than just a dance school it has been the catalyst for Kirby to make and be surrounded by friends each week, improved her communication skills and has also paved the way for a much improved social life, she now enjoys lunch in the company of a group of girls between dance classes, attends birthday and bowling parties, Live theatre shows and movie sessions. Our daughter now talks to friends on the phone & wants to have sleepovers.

For me personally it has provided a support network & lifelong friendships with parents whose lives & experiences are all similar.

I have left the best till last; over the years the Dance Studio have organised trips away to showcase the students dancing talents with performances arranged at Dreamworld on the Gold Coast on three separate occasions & also to Hawaii on two occasions, we not only have the excitement of dancing in these wonderful locations but sharing your holiday with a group is loads of fun.

Many thanks must go to our Principal dance teacher Justyne and Mrs. R (June) Special Events

Coordinator, for their dedication, commitment & determination in showing the wider community our children abilities and not their disabilities.