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Going Viaral


Nothing can Stop us !!!!

When COVID19 struck, our special needs students at Star Performers were already underway rehearsing for their annual concert, something that is the highlight of their year. Classes were abruptly halted and we needed to find a way for the students to continue their creative lessons. Like so many others we turned to zoom. The students would love to show off what they have been learning. They may not be able to hear the of the live audience at their annual concert but they would be eternally grateful if others could see what they have been rehearsing.

Please take a look at the video link. I know all my students get such a thrill to see themselves. It will put a smile on their face and I know it will help them feel so proud in this crazy time we are living in.

Each and every week, these students make the most of what life throws at them and COVID19 has been no different, they continue to smile and have fun. They are so inspirational!


So far 26K views on FB That's SOOO amazing!!!! :)